I welcome inquiries from finishing PhD students who are exploring post-doctoral possibilities. I do not currently have funding to hire post-doctoral collaborators but that situation may change, and I am willing to work with you to find funding options.

Graduate Students:

I hope to recruit a PhD student to join my lab at Kansas State University in the fall of 2018 to develop a project focused on the mechanistic drivers of population regulation of birds dependent upon grasslands—one of the most threatened and climatically variable biomes. The project would be conducted at the nearby, beautiful Konza Prairie biological station, and contribute to and utilize long-data collected as part of the Konza Prairie LTER program. The project will focus on topics at the interface of basic and applied questions in ecology, revealing the importance of direct and indirect effects of weather on the population dynamics of a declining guild over the spatial scales relevant to birds’ full annual cycle. The project will involve extensive fieldwork, involve use of technologies for tracking movements of individuals, and mentoring and supervision of undergraduate researchers and technicians. The most competitive applicants will either have completed a MSc, or have developed their skills and interests via employment and other experiences, resulting in strong field skills and an aptitude for independent critical thinking and good writing abilities. Facilities and expertise in the KSU Division of Biology will provide opportunities to develop a strong skill set ranging from various physiological and quantitative methods, the use of stable isotopes, GIS, genetic and genomic methods. The incoming student will join a very active, collegial group of graduate students, post-docs, and professors in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology section.

Prior to submitting a formal application, I encourage qualified applicants to email me, explaining their interest in this position, accompanied by a complete CV. Admission deadlines are in early Dec (for the following Fall’s enrollment) and prospective students can find much valuable information about the Division of Biology’s graduate program here and discover the top 10 reasons to attend grad school at K-State here. Keep in mind that faculty sponsorship is critical to a successful application so please initiate correspondence with me well in advance of that deadline.


Are you interested in …?

  • gaining hands-on experience doing bird research in the outdoors?
  • learning avian physiology techniques in the lab?
  • getting involved in a lab to learn what research and grad school might be like?
  • earning your work-study funds doing something other than food service?
  • learning more about tropical ecology through literature-based projects or working with already-collected samples or data?
  • developing your research skills, including completion of an independent research project?

If so, there may be an opportunity for you. Depending on the time of year, goals and skills of the student, I may have projects suitable for internships, independent research, or credit.

What you should do:

Make sure you spend some time reading the information on this website and consider reading one or two of my papers. If you are still interested, please send me an email in which you describe what it is you hope to get out of working in my lab, and what degree and year you are in. Please also attach a document containing an up-to-date CV that lists relevant coursework and describes any research experience you have had (if any). We will meet and together develop a plan that includes clear expectations of the scientific goals of the work and expectations.