Joanna Gresham

Joanna (2018-2019) spent two summers chasing sparrows, meadowlarks, and dickcissels, and conducted and independent experimental research project to determine the functional consequences of nest orientation.

Austin Roe

Austin (2018-2019) and contributed to understanding the consequences of drought for grassland songbirds by quantifying prey availability in drought vs. more ‘normal’ years (whatever that is!). Follow him on twitter @AustinRoe12 and Birding Blog.

Mary Kate WilcoxMary Kate Wilcox

Mary Kate (2017-2019) quantified behavior from videos of manakin leks and grassland nest cams, was part of our Konza field crew, and did countless less rewarding tasks.

Cole AllenCole Allen

Although Cole is pictured here holding a giant catfish, do not be deceived folks! Cole worked on our summer crew (2017), then helped (2018-2019) with nest videos and nestling morphometrics.

Suzy Replogle Curnutt

Suzy worked in the lab during her senior year and then became a full-time field and lab manager. In spring 2017, she assisted Elsie in Costa Rica.

Logan Thomas

While working at the Marais de Cygne wildlife refuge, Logan collected data to determine the effectiveness of management for Eastern bottomland forest bird communities in KS at the western edge of their distribution.

Darrien Savage

Darrien was an REU in 2017, studying vegetation structure around nests of grassland songbirds.

Braiam Rosado

Braiam was an REU student in 2017, studying how parasitism by Brown-headed Cowbirds influences parental activity.

Edwin Harris

Edwin was an REU student during summer in 2017, studying Grasshopper Sparrows clutch sizes and egg mass under .

Michaela Gustafson

Michaela (2016) studied how changes in Grasshopper Sparrows’ body composition is affected by variation in temperature and precipitation.

Yisel Marquez

Yisel (REU 2015) examined the consequences of storms for nest success of Grasshopper Sparrows.

Breyana RamseyBreyana presenting her research results

Breyana (2014-2015) worked with us as part of the Developing Scholars program at K-State.

Emily Samuel

Emily (2015) examined how fat stores in songbirds responded to temperature and precipitation in winter.

Amie Sommers

Amie helped out during fall 2014 on a project involving small mammals and metabolites. She completed two grad degrees and now works at the UNL.

Chyna Pei

Chyna investigated interactions between Dickcissels and Grasshopper Sparrows on the Konza in her senior year.

Steffanie MunguĂ­a

Steffanie (REU 2013), kicked off a project on the causes of territory aggregation in Grasshopper Sparrows.